GT EXPO 2021-2022

  • Visitors at the exhibit

    Gifted and Talented Expo at Burbank Middle School


    On Thursday, March 31, 2022, Burbank's cafeteria was transformed into an exhibit hall. It was the Annual Gifted and Talented Expo, where our Vanguard students got an opportunity to discuss what they had been investigating for the previous months. Parents and the general public were invited to attend from 5:00pm to 6:30pm and talk to the students as they visited the exhibits.

    Our governments Revolution project

    6th Grade 1st Place Project: "Our Government's Revolution" by Catalina Perez

    Students worked individually or in groups. They created digital projects and/or constructed display boards. Parents helped “judge” the projects, and we were able to select a first, second, and third place winner for each grade level.  

    Students posing with their projects

    Below are the winners:

    Top Three Projects:

    • 6th Grade: Catalina Perez (Our Government’s Revolution)
    • 7 th Grade: Savica Gonzalez, Johanna Machuca, & Hodaly Argueta (Amal Unbound vs. Esperanza Rising)
    • 8th Grade: Jose Peña Garza (The Ant World)

    The Ant World

    8th Grade 1st Place Project: "The Ant World" by Jose Peña Garza


    Grade-level winners:

    6th Grade

    • 1st Place- Catalina Perez (Our Government’s Revolution)
    • 2nd Place- Joshua Gutierrez & Adrian Diaz (Social Media)
    • 3rd Place- Camilo Torres (Island Survival)

    7th Grade

    • 1st Place- Savica Gonzalez, Johanna Machuca, & Hodaly Argueta  (Amal Unbound vs. Esperanza Rising)
    • 2nd Place- Mateo Calderon (Amal vs. Esperanza)
    • 3rd Place- Santiago Zuniga (Amal vs. Esperanza)

    8th Grade

    • 1st Place- Jose Peña Garza (The Ant World)
    • 2nd Place- Humberto Roldan (History of Art and Architecture)
    • 3rd Place- Gabriela Perez (Red Panda)


    The names of the first place winners for each grade-level have been sent to the district, and those projects will be displayed on the website in the last week of April. Congratulations to all the participants and good luck to the winners who are advancing to the district level.