Service Design

  • According to the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students, the Service Design is a flexible system of viable service options that provides a learning continuum developed throughout the district to meet the needs and reinforce the strengths and interests of gifted/talented students. All HISD G/T students are served in classes with teachers who have completed the state- and district-required G/T trainings. Campuses must ensure G/T students have opportunities to work together as a group, work with other students, and work independently during the school day throughout the entire school year (TAC §89.3(1) and (3); State Plan 2.2C). Please note that a group is defined as a minimum of three students. In addition, G/T students must be assured an array of learning opportunities that are commensurate with their abilities and that emphasize content in the four foundation curricular areas (Language Arts/ Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies) (TAC §89.3(1) and (3); State Plan 2.1C).

    Each HISD campus shall offer the Gifted and Talented Program through one of two program designs:

    Gifted and Talented Neighborhood The Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Program operates in all schools, except those designated as Vanguard Magnet schools.  The Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Program provides G/T services for all HISD G/T-identified students at that campus. Gifted and Talented Neighborhood schools may operate non-Vanguard Magnet Programs.

    Vanguard Magnet The Vanguard Magnet Program is a Gifted and Talented Program which operates in designated Magnet schools in accordance with the HISD Gifted and Talented Guidelines as well as the HISD Magnet Standards. The Vanguard Magnet Program provides G/T services to all HISD G/T-identified students at that campus. The Magnet theme in Vanguard Magnet schools is Gifted and Talented. Vanguard Magnet Programs are approved by the HISD Board.