Gifted and Talented Appeals

  • Appeals Process
    A parent may appeal an identification decision by submitting in the following manner:
     Level I (Campus) - If a parent wishes to appeal the results, they are required to appeal in writing and submit it to the appealing campus’ GT Administrator no later than 10 school days of receipt of the results letter.
    Level II (GT Department) - After completing the first level of appeal, the parent may initiate a second level of appeal to the G/T Department. Second level appeals to the G/T Department must be made within 15 school days from the date of the Level I campus notification of placement or non-placement letter in the GT program. Appeals must be made in writing through the G/T Department Appeals Form. HISD G/T Department Appeals decisions are final. Parents will be notified of the appeal decision made by the office of the Gifted and Talented Department.
    The G/T Department holds appeals meetings to review student data against any new evidence submitted and their appeals decision will be given within ten (10) school days of the appeals meeting.
    Conditions for an Appeal
    · Illness during testing with documentation of the illness
    · Emotional duress during testing due to family crisis
    · Testing irregularity – an inequitable or inappropriate application during the testing process is alleged or documented accommodations were not provided
    · Language Barrier - student did not receive ELL accommodation
    · Substantial evidence – representative has substantial evidence to introduce that when added to existing
      information creates a compelling preponderance of the evidence regarding the student's need for program services.