Public Forum Debate

    Public Forum Overview: CLICK HERE for a short document that explains Public Forum Debate. This document is old but a great place to start. Some of the speech times on this document may differ slightly from what's currently practiced. Watching the following video with this document in front of you is recommended. 
    Past PF Topics: This file is a list of old topics you can use with a variety of activities on this page.
    Book on PF and CongressThis publication was created by the NSDA and includes a wealth of information both for PF and Congress.
    Blank PF Case Template: This document can be used as a template for debaters to use to write their case. There are multiple ways to format and organize a case, this is one of them.
    Final Focus Tips: Review this article for some tips on improving your final focus skills.


    Full Round Breakdown: This video series runs through an entire PF round. Between each speech, a narrator explains what should be done.
    • Video 1: First Pro, First Con Speech, and Crossfire
    • Video 2: Second Pro, Second Con Speech, and Crossfire
    • Video 3: Summary Speeches, Grand Crossfire, and Final Focus

     Method for Flowing in PF:

    Method for Writing a PF Case: