For Debaters and Coaches

  • This page contains information for both debaters and coaches.
    If you are a coach of an Urban Debate League school: Check out the Teach Debate website developed by the National Association for Urban Debate Legues (NAUDL). You will have to register and wait for approval. This site has great materials. Many of the lessons are applicable to multiple debate formats eventhough NAUDL primarily supports Cross Examination Debate. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


General Resources

  • Judging Video: This isn't HUDL specific, but there is some good content here for new judges or anyone who wants more inforation on the judging experience.

Congressional Debate

    CLICK HERE: for Congress Debate resources.
    Final Round Docket Order: 8, 3, 13, 16, 24, 9, 33, 19, 20, 17, 27, 32, 29

    The legislation order will be set at the start of the session. Please come prepared to debate both sides on the items that are of particular interest to you.

    CLICK HERE: for the Texas Forensic Association 2021 Spring Docket with HUDL Specific Legislation
    CLICK HERE for other congressional debate resources
    CLICK HERE for the congressional debate guide

Cross Examination Debate

  • CLICK HERE for the Cross Examination Debate Curriculum Page

Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • CLICK HERE for the Lincoln Douglas Curriculum Page

Public Forum Debate

World Schools Debate

  • CLICK HERE for the World Schools Curriculum Page