For Debaters and Coaches

  • This page contains general resources that can be used for all debate formats. For format-specific resources, click on the links to the right.


    NAUDL Teach Debate:  If you are a coach of an Urban Debate League school, check out the Teach Debate website developed by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL). You must register and wait for approval. This site has great materials. Many of the lessons are applicable to multiple debate formats even though NAUDL primarily supports Cross-Examination Debate. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

    UIL Conferences YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE for a great assortment of videos on all things UIL. There are some great debate videos here but you will have to search for them.

    Houston Urban Debate League Non-Profit: CLICK HERE to visit the website of our non-profit partner the Houston Urban Debate League.

    HISD Debate Judge Handout: This is the debate format handout that is used at tournaments. It can also be used as a learning resource. 

    Fun Debate Activities & Drills: CLICK HERE for a great set of activities and drills by Punchy Debate.
    Activities & Lesson Plans: CLICK HERE for activities from the book Sparking the Debate. These activities are published under a Creative Commons license and HUDL has permission from the author.
    Animal Fight Activity: THIS ACTIVITY is fun and will help new debaters get excited about expressing themselves. This activity can be done with brand new debaters; however, it may help if they know how to construct a complete argument first. Credit to R. Hennessey. 
    Easy Debate Topics: USE THESE easy debate topics to get your students up and debating. Credit to R. Hennessey.
    Presentation on Speaking Confidently & Clearly: THIS PRESENTATION is applicable to all speech and debate formats. It includes activities and drills that can be used in class. Credit to R. Haas.
    All About the Formats PresentationTHIS PDF PRESENTATION provides a great resource for teachers and debaters who are wanting to learn more about what makes each format of debate unique. This can be used early on with new debaters to help them decide what format is right for them. Credit to S. Schultz. 
    Debate Judging Basics: Provides a quick overview of each debate format and how to judge them.
    Simple Flowing Video: Flowing is the style of notetaking debaters use to keep track of arguments. There are many techniques for flowing debate rounds. This video is short and should give debaters a basic understanding of flowing on paper.