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  •  The HISD Houston Urban Debate League Provides: 

    • FREE competition, provided at six tournaments, including a National UDL qualifier
    • FREE student seminars taught by some of the leading debate educators in the nation
    • FREE transportation and meals provided at all tournaments and seminars for both students and coaches
    • FREE copies of necessary files and supplies
    • FREE professional development during the summer and school year for all coaches
    • FREE on-site visits & curriculum support, including our mentor program
    • FREE summer institute for students
    • STIPENDS available for two coaches per school
    • SCHOLARSHIP opportunities at multiple events
    Multiple studies prove that urban debate participation
    • INCREASES literacy scored by 25%
    • INCREASES grade-point average by approximately 10%
    • INCREASES an at-risk student’s chance of graduating high school by 70%
    • INCREASES critical thinking and research skills
    • INCREASES attendance rates
    • HELPS students resolve disagreements constructively
    • INCREASES scholarship offerings for its participants 
    • DECREASES the likelihood of students engaging in high-risk behaviors


    Changes Lives:

    • Debate prepares students to be effective advocates for themselves, their families, and their communities.
    • Urban youth often enter adulthood without civic literacy or an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the law.
    • In short, promising urban young people stand unprepared to enter legal, political, or civic-based careers.
    • HDI works to change that landscape by bringing debate to Houston public schools.
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Debate Formats

  • All forms of debate develop important skills such as critical thinking, listening, argument construction, research, note-taking, etc. However; each format has its own unique elements that make it distinctive.
    CROSS EXAMINATION DEBATE: Allows students to focus on a single debate topic each year; thereby becoming “subject-matter- experts.” Topics typically call for a policy change by the U.S. government.
    CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE:  A mock legislative assembly competition where students draft bills (proposed laws) and resolutions (position statements), which they and their peers later debate and vote to pass into law.  
    PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE: Offers students a unique opportunity to develop on-their-feet critical thinking skills by providing an experience similar to an presidential debate. Topics change monthly, giving students exposure to a wide range of important issues.
    WORLD SCHOOLS DEBATE: Challenges students by having them debate multiple topics at each tournament. These topics change every round and include impromptu debates.
    LINCOLN–DOUGLAS DEBATE:  A type of one-on-one debate practiced mainly in the United States at the high school level. It is sometimes also called values debate because the format traditionally places a heavy emphasis on logic, ethical values, and philosophy. The Lincoln–Douglas Debate format is named for the 1858 Lincoln–Douglas Debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.