When are the tournaments?

    Tournaments are offered throughout the entire school year, beginning in September with the official District spring meet occurring in March. The Regional tournament is set for April and the State meet occurs in May

    What is the difference between “invitational” and official?

    The official UIL League office supports two invitational, or practice, meets a year. At HoustonISD, our department sponsors an additional three practice meets. These meets are considered practice for the official District meet. Invitational meets are great, low-risk way for students to understand the rules of competition and practice their skills.

    Why is the Official District Meet so strict?

    The Official District Meet has many rules to guarantee fairness and equity to all students. Our department does not bend the rules in order to maintain competitive equity. In the same way that Athletics doesn’t bend the rules in football or basketball, the same applied for academics.

    Where is Cross Examination Debate?

    Full CX debate meets are housed under our department’s Houston Debate Initiative. Also, our department hosts an Official UIL CX District Meet at the beginning of every spring semester.

    Who’s in charge of the UIL Program at my school?

    Programs vary from campus to campus. Each school has their own appointed UIL Coordinator that is responsible for coordinating the students, their activities, competition registration and tournament day information. Please contact your school’s administrator to find out your school’s UIL Coordinator.

    What can I participate in at a UIL Academic Tournament?

    We offer all the academic contests listed here: http://www.uiltexas.org/academics/academic-contests

    We offer all the speech and debate contests listed here:

    While any student is eligible to participate, students cannot violate the official UIL conflict schedule. Meaning, a student cannot attempt to be in two places at one. The Official UIL Conflict schedule can be found here: http://www.uiltexas.org/files/academics/Final_Conflict_Pattern_7-25-16.pdf

    You do not have to qualify to participate in our invitational or district meets, however, certain schools or programs may have internal auditions or participation requirements. Please check with your campus representative to determine your individual eligibility.

    I earned a failing grade in one of my classes. Can I still participate in the tournament?

    Depends. Please see the document listed on this page entitled “No Pass, No Play” to see if your circumstances meet the requirements and discuss with your coordinator.

    How can I see the results from a tournament?
    You may see results posted online at www.speechwire.com. Just click that link and find the appropriate tournament. Coordinators generally have all the test packets with them. Students should work with their coordinators to know when is a good time to retrieve their tests back.