World Schools Curriculum

  • This page contains a variety of World Schools resources organizaed by topic and skill area. Most sections contain both videos and links to documents that can be used in the classroom, to study, or practice debate skills. To watch a video, simply click play. To access a file, click on the hyperlinked text that will look something like this and you will either see the document in your web-browser or receive a prompt to download it.  
    Teachers-Many of the sections have files and activities that you can use during class or practice. Just locate a topic or skill area you want to work on with your students and see what you can find. If you are not famlliar with the topic area, see if there is an embedded video you can watch before you teach the material to your students.
    Many of the resources included or linked to on this page were created by dedicated individuals in the debate community. We would like to thank these individuals for all their hard work and for the lasting impact they will have on students for years to come. 

General Resources

Speaker Duties

Building an Argument

  • There are multiple ways to describe building an argument. The video below describes the ARE method. Although not a classic method for describing how to build an argument, it works very well for debate and ARE is easy to remember.
    A is your assertion and should function as the name of the argument. It should be a full thought, not just one word.
    R is your reasoning and should be where you describe your assertion in greater detail.
    E is your evidence and its main purpose is connecting your argument to reality.
    Argument Files and Activities Below

Points of Information

Models & Plans

Building Cases

Impromptu Debates