• teacher training

    The purpose of the Title II, Part A program is to provide professional development to principals, teachers and other school personnel that will improve teaching and learning in core academic subjects through effective strategies, methods and/or skills. 
    PNP School Participation Requirements
    To improve teacher and principal quality, Private Nonprofit schools are given the opportunity to participate in eligible professional development services.
    To Generate the Campus Planning Allocation
    •  The PNP school must be located within the attendance boundaries of HISD.
    • All students enrolled at the campus in grades PK4 - 12 grade are counted in order to apply the per pupil allocation.
    • This process is completed annually.

    Title II, Part A services are intended for the teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and other instructional school personnel.

    To Receive Title II, Part A Services
    • Campuses must complete a Campus Needs Assessment.
    • All professional development must be proven per scientifically based research.
    • The professional development should be sustainable by the school.

    Eligible activities include:   

    –  effective instructional teaching strategies, methods, or skills

    –  integrating technology into curricula and instruction

    –  teaching students with different needs, including students with disabilities or limited English proficiency, and G/T students

    –  methods of improving student behavior, identifying early and appropriate interventions, and involving parents

    –  use of data and assessment to improve instruction and student outcomes

    –  leadership development and management training

    –  all services to private school personnel must be secular, neutral, and non-ideological.