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  • Pamela Evans - Director

    Shirlene Alexander - Title I School Improvement; ESSA applications/amendments/compliance reports; Time & Effort monitoring/compliance
    Ryan Blodgett - Title I-D, Subpart 2 Neglected & Delinquent Facilities; Title II-A compliance, and CARES Act
    Magda Galindo - Academic Boot Camp and Instructional Interventions
    Tiffany Green - Title I programming, budgets, and Parent & Family Engagement
    Candice Lewis - Grant Administrator - Title IV, PBMAS
    Carla Lewis - Titles I, II, IV and CARES Act for private nonprofit schools; ESSA program monitoring and compliance
    Martha Medina - Title I School Improvement and TTIPS
    Olha Hirka - Writer
    Noblette Grant - Business Operations Team Leader
    Karen Aubrey - Grant Administrator - Elementary & Middle schools
    Shirlene Haynes - Grant Administrator - Elementary schools
    Quiandine Jarrett - Grant Administrator - Elementary & High schools
    Sherry Harris - Administrative Assistant II
    Celisa Pressley - Account Representative
    Darlene Sparks - Account Representative