• In Houston ISD, Gifted and Talented students are served through one of two program designs: Board-approved Vanguard Magnet or Vanguard Neighborhood. GT testing supports these programs. 


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    GT Team on Teams

    Request a Subtest Reset (used if a subtest is skipped or the student exited early due to technology issues)



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    Frozen or skipped subtest - what to do? If a student's subtest is frozen or skipped, create a new test session just for that student and subtest. If the student cannot log in to this new session, or the student's subtest was submitted (completed) due to a technology issue before the student could complete it, then complete the Request a Subtest Reset Form. The vendor will then reset the subtest for the student for you.
    GT Training Training PowerPoint for Campus Personnel (GT Coordinators must complete OneSource course #1457027)
    GT FAQ Recent frequently asked questions and answers. For real-time questions and aswers, please go to the GT Team on Teams.
    Data Manager Video Video demonstrating how to create sessions and manage tests for online GT testing.
    2021-22 Testing Calendar Testing windows for Gifted and Talented program
    NRT Subtests Required NRT Grades 1-12 Subtests
    Kinder NRT Subtests Required Kinder NRT Subtests
    Sample Scheduling HISD recommended scheduling for GT Testing
    District Program Oath Oath for GT Program
    Materials Handlers Oath Oath for Campus Personnel that receive materials deliveries
    District MCF Materials Control Form
    District Seating Chart Seating chart for District programs
    TCM Testing Coordinator's Manual
    Order Online Test Credits Use this form to order a projection of the total number of Online Test Credits needed (not by grade level, for the entire campus CogAT/Iowa/Logramos) for your campus. 
    Secure Browser/Test App Install Instructions on how to install the secure browser/testing app if not available on the HISD testing device.
    System Check Run the System Check to identify potential issues with this device or Internet connection. This check also verifies this device meets the minimum system requirements needed to run the test.  At the completion of the check, the system will provide information regarding the specific device used and current internet connection information and possibly a list of potential issues that need to be corrected prior to testing.
    Run a Test Simulation Use the Test Simulation to analyze campus network infrastructure and check the recommended maximum number of students that can test simultaneously. Run the simulation during days and times when testing will occur to accurately project the maximum capacity. At least one device must connect before the simulation may begin. Launch on as many devices as possible to simulate network traffic of additional students. A rule of thumb is one device for every 10 students expected to test on this network at the same time.
    Data Manager User Log In   Instructions on how to log in Data Manager. Click here to access the Riverside Data Manager website.
    Data Manager Overview  Data Manager Website Overview task card. 
    Data Manager Digital Resources Instructions on how to access Data Manager Digital Resources task card.
    Manage Staff Users Instructions on how to use the Administration tab to activate, add, deactivate, and search users in Data Manager. Only staff with School Coordinator Role have access to the Administration tab.
    GT Extended Time Table HISD table for students receiving extended time on abilities and achievement subtests.
    Add Extended Time Instructions on how to add extended time to sessions and individual students.
    Cognitive Abilities Test Sessions Instructions on how to create the cognitive abilites test sessions. 
    NRT Test Sessions Instructions on how to create NRT test sessions. 
    Student Lookup Verify students are active in Data Manager prior to scheduling testing session. Students are added automatically to Riverside Data Manager from the HISD data integration. Vanguard and Magnet applications received at the Office of School Choice are added to Chancery and automatically exported to Riverside Data Manager. Please, note that this process may take up to 15 business days.
    Secure Browser/Test App Install Instructions on how to install the secure browser/testing app if not available on the testing device.
    Student Login
    on Windows and Mac
    Instructions on how students should log in to tests on Windows and Mac.
    Student Login
    on Chromebook
    Instructions on how students should log in to tests on Chromebook.
    Proctor a Session Instructions on how to proctor test sessions.
    Student Status Report Instructions on how to run a student status report. Recommended to verify if students completed all subtests.
    Reports Instructions on how to run reports for the abilities and the norm-referenced tests. Contact the GT Department for questions about the GT Matrix. 
    PowerUp x360 Sound Settings Instructions on how to change sound settings in PowerUp HP x360 laptops.
    Cognitive Abilities Quick Reference Guide This guide provides all steps for the cognitive abilities assessment administration, troubleshooting, and FAQs.
    NRT Quick Reference Guide This guide provides all steps for the NRT assessment administration, troubleshooting, and FAQs.
    Riverside Support (877) 246-8337
    7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (CST) Monday through Friday
    Call Riverside for any software or reporting issues. If testing and hold time is too long, please call HISD Student Assessment @ 713-349-7460. Riverside Insights website.
    Network Operations Center (NOC) (713) 556-8800
    Open 24/7
    Call the HISD NOC if experiencing network connectivity or electrical power issues.
    Gifted and Talented Department (713) 556-6954
    The GT Department will manage the application process and integration of students into the Data Manger system. A local student ID is required for testing. Questions about the GT Matrix can be directed to the GT Department.  
    Post Training Survey  Complete the survey if you have attended a GT Training or Workshop.