The Data Quality Team supplies assessment data (formative and summative) to campuses, Student Assessment, other departments, Schools Offices, and the Superintendent. The majority of these data are inclusive of STAAR, TELPAS, Renaissance, OnTrack, Norm Reference Tests (NRT/GT identification assessment), yet not exclusive to special requests. Although OnTrack and Renaissance supply data directly to the teachers and campuses, the Data Quality Team aggregates that data for the School Offices (Directors, School Support Officers (SSOs), and Area Superintendents), other Departments, and the Superintendent. The team analyzes different assessments identifying trends in the information, to ultimately inform and improve instruction. Additionally, the Data Quality Team supplies the Pre-Code information (pre-coded answer documents) for all the state assessments.

    The Data Quality Team’s services include:

    • providing detailed data, and where applicable, detailed analysis, and reports for all State and District assessments,
    • providing completion reports during major formative assessment windows [i.e., BOY, MOY, EOY, DLA, and STAAR Release],
    • providing analysis and reports for improving business processes and instruction where applicable,
    • performing investigations, and providing detailed reports of these investigations, where appropriate, and
    • ensuring that data is accurate and precise.