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    Check out the May 2022 issue below:

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  • What is LitSpot:HISD and why does it exist?

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    Litspot:HISD is a digital literary magazine for all HISD students and all staff. Our district abounds with creative, unique, and interesting people. Innovation and Postsecondary Programming sees an opportunity to recognize and celebrate these individuals and their creative work. We have established LitSpot:HISD to provide a venue to showcase their efforts, the voice and the vision for a bright Houston future.

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  • A digital literary magazine! That's great! So, how do I submit?

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    E-mail your submission to LitSpotSubmissions@houstonisd.org from your HISD e-mail account. Content submitted from non-HISD e-mail accounts will not be accepted. Submit only for yourself; content may not be submitted for another person. Include the category for which you are submitting in the subject line of your e-mail. Submit content for writing categories in a single Microsoft Word document, in 12-point Arial font, as an attachment to your e-mail. Meet the requirements of the specific category for which you are submitting (see below). Submit content for artwork categories in .png or .jpg file format only in an attachment to your e-mail. Meet the guidelines for each art category (also below). Include only one submission per category in a single e-mail, please. You may submit for multiple categories, but must do so as separate e-mails. Bililingual/multilingual submissions are welcomed and encouraged, especially those that creatively explore how the unique features of each language, when together, make meaning which may not possible without the bilingual/multilingual perspective.

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  • Did I hear that you are now accepting Performance Poetry submissions?

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    Ab-so-lutely!! We have expanded the range of our accepted poetry submissions to include those works composed with the intention of being performed for an audience. Submit audio-only files to us as .mp3 files. We can accept a wide variety of video formats. Send your video to us, and a member of our editorial team will reach out if we have trouble with the file and need you to resubmit it. 

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  • How do I know which category to pick?

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    You can access a document which provides information for the seven writing and eight art categories, as well as the submission requirements of each category, in the .pdf file at the end of this section. Pay special attention to the requirements, especially the word limits; they are different for each category and submissions which do not meet the requirements will not be published.  

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  • Categories, you say? What are they?

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    We accept writing and artwork from all HISD students and all staff in seven writing and eight art categories.


    Academic Essay

    Flash Fiction

    Just for Fun

    Personal Essay

    Performance Poetry (including Audio and Video)



    Short Story


    Ceramics & Glass


    Digital Art

    Drawing & Illustration

    Mixed Media



    Small-Scale Sculpture


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  • Okay. My work is ready and I've picked the submission category that I want. When can I submit?

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    LitSpot:HISD accepts submissions year-round. We will publish issues as we receive enough content for publication. Please know that, while we would like to showcase everyone's individual creative work and appreciate all contributions, we may not be able to publish every individual submission depending upon the requirements of each issue. Please continue to submit! 


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  • How do I know if my submission has been received?

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    You will receive an automatically-generated confirmation e-mail from LitSpot:HISD. If your piece is selected for publication, you will receive both a congratulatory e-mail one week before publication (so you can tell all your friends!) and a resource for your writing toolkit, delivered to your campus or work location, courtesy of Innovation & Postsecondary Programming. 

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  • Still have a question?        LitSpotAnswers@houstonisd.org

    Ready to submit?               LitSpotSubmissions@houstonisd.org