General Information

  • Overview

    Houston ISD’s dual credit program provides high school students the unique opportunity to obtain college credit that can lead to the completion of a postsecondary degree or certificate. These courses are offered at no cost to students and parents once the appropriate HISD administrative approvals have been obtained, as the school district and its college partners ultimately absorb the tuition and textbook expenses.
    Dual credit classes have the flexibility of being taught by an HISD teacher (credentialed by a community college) or a community college faculty member, while also being completed at the high school campus or community college location. Families should contact the dual credit leader(s) for the respective high school to learn more about the existing and projected dual credit course offerings, which can change on a year-by-year basis. (Source: HISD Innovation and Postsecondary Programming, Dual Credit)
  • Language Courses Offered Through Dual Credit Programs

    American Sign Language (beginning)
    Arabic (beginning)
    Chinese Mandarin (beginning, intermediate)
    French (beginning)
    German (beginning)
    Japanese (beginning)
    Korean (beginning)
    Spanish (beginning, intermediate)
    Spanish for Spanish Speakers 
  • Dual Credit Programs Inquiries: 

    Scott Godley
    Senior Manager, Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment
    713-556-7232 (office) 
    713-556-7236 (fax)