Stand-Alone Field-Test for STAAR Redesign

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    Several requirements of House Bill 3906, 86th Texas Legislature, 2019, are influencing a redesign of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) that will be implemented in the 2022–2023 school year. This redesign will include several components—transitioning to online assessments, adding writing to reading/language arts (RLA) assessments, capping the number of multiple-choice questions, and adding new item types. Although the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has made a concerted effort to minimize the amount of instructional time used for state testing purposes, particularly stand-alone field testing, a stand-alone field test is necessary to properly integrate these new components into future state assessments. 

    Testing Window: February 7-18, 2022



    Resource Description
    2022 Stand-Alone Field Test PowerPoint Training PPT used in self-paced course in OneSource (1464069). The course must be taken through OneSource for credit. 
    Academic Memo Link to the updated academic memo posted on September 13, 2021
    Selected campuses Link to the list of selected campuses and subjects.
    Training Mandatory Self-Paced training in OneSource for coordinating staff at selected campuses.
    Course name: STAAR Stand-Alone Field Test Administration
    Course Number: 1464069
    Duration of each online test
    The field tests are not timed. However, the administration should be limited to five hours. Once a student begins taking a field test, the student must complete it on the same day.
    Stand-Alone Field-Test Instructions Manual (TEA) Link to the Stand-Alone Field-Test Instructions manual posted by TEA.
    CTC Open Forum Link to the Teams CTC Open Forum for updates, questions, and answers.
    FAQ (TEA) Link to FAQ prepared by TEA.
    FAQ (HISD) Link to FAQ compiled from questions in our district.

    Before Testing

    Resource Details
    Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality  2021-2022 oath in one-page landscape format. Please download and complete this form.
    TIDE Access Request - CTC/FAC Designation Form   CTC/FAC designation form to be completed by the campus Principal. The CTC will be added to Cambium within 24 hours.
     TEA Learning Management System (LMS)    Take optional courses in the TEA LMS to become familiar with Cambium.
    CTC Open Forum   Visit the CTC Open Forum for the latest updates and to ask questions.
    Cambium Technology Pre-Check and Troubleshooting Guide   Detailed guide for pre-checking devices, Wi-Fi, and headsets. It is recommended to conduct the pre-check at least one week prior to the first day of testing, to allow enough time to address any issues. The guide includes troubleshooting solutions.
    Proctor Guide: Disable Background Aplications Before Testing  For Windows devices, these steps ensure that Teams and other applications are not running in the background.
    Configure Spanish Text-to-Speech on Windows Lab/Cart Computers (a solution will be posted soon)

    RE: Spanish Text-to-Speech for TEA Stand Alone Field Test, Interim, and STAAR Assessments

    Spanish Text-to-Speech on Windows Lab/Cart computers is NOT currently available. HISD IT is working on a solution. NOTE: Spanish without Text-to-Speech continues to be available on Windows Lab/Cart computers with no issues.

    Spanish Text-to-Speech continues to be available on Chromebooks and iPads and does not require prior configuration.

    English Text-to-Speech continues to be available on Windows, Chromebooks, and iPads and does not require prior configuration.

    If using iPads for text-to-Speech, remember to have headphones with round mini-plugs available, not flat USB connectors.


    TIDE Quick Reference Guide  

    TIDE Login for Staff  Direct link to

    Where do students log in? 

    Verify student information, set eligibility for above-grade testers, set eligibility for EOC subjects, set Presentation for Spanish tests, and turn on Attributes (Accommodations)
    Grades 3-8 - Click here for Video - Click here for Task card
    EOC subjects - Click here for Video - Click here for Task card
    Refer to page 8 of the manual.

    Downloading a student list
    Click here for Video (3 min) - Click here for Task Card 

    Adding a missing student
    Click here for Video (3 min) - Click here for Task Card

    Bulk File Upload to add Accommodations (Attributes)
    Click here for Video (18 min) - Click here for Task Card

    Creating Test Sessions
    Click here for Video (7 min)

    Printing Test Tickets
    Click here for Video (5 min)

    Book a Support Visit or a Remote Support Session   Book a remote support session or an on-site support visit to check network and devices.

    During Testing

    Resource Details
    Where do students log in? Instructions on how students log in.
    Incident Report Form Please use the link to report testing irregularities.

    Testing Disruption Form

    Please use the link to document online testing disruptions.

    Status of Tests

    Reports are not available in TIDE/CRS for the Field Test. Monitor progress by other means.

    After Testing

    Resource Details
    eSubmission Submit all signed oaths and completed seating charts at this link.
    Reporting Scores or status of tests will NOT be reported.