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    The Beginning of Year (BOY) assessments from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) support analysis of student progress and understanding of the statewide curriculum.  BOY Assessments are designed to diagnose understanding of the TEKS from the previous school yearTherefore, the BOY assessments are administered to students based on their prior year enrolled grade level.

    NOTE: This school year, 2021-22, the BOY assessments are required for students who did not take the STAAR during the 2020-21 school year.

    The HISD BOY testing window is from August 30 to September 24

    CTC training will take place on August 16, 17, and 19. For training session information, please refer to page two of This Week in Testing (Link Here). 

    Resource Description


    In chronological order.

    TEA BOY Assessments PowerPoint 

    PowerPoint used during training for the TEA Beginning of Year (BOY) assessments.

    Traning Videos and assciated Task Cards 

    3:00 PM Thu Sep 2 - Hot Topics

    TIDE: Change Test Format from Paper to Online, Eligibility, and Attributes (Accommodations)
    Click here for Video  - Click here for Task Card

    TIDE - Bulk File Upload to Change Eligibility
    Clcik here for Video - Click here for Task Card (coming soon)

    TIDE - Bulk File Upload to add Accommodations (Attributes)
    Click Here for Video - Click here for Task Card (coming soon)

    BOY FAQ 

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the TEA BOY. For questions related to TIDE (Test Information Distribution Engine), please refer to the TIDE FAQ found further below.

    BOY Assessments Web Page (TEA) 

    Link to the TEA web page regarding Beginning of Year (BOY) Assessments. 
    BOY FAQ (TEA)  Link to TEA FAQ page about the BOY.

    House Bill 4545 PowerPoint 

    Details about House Bill 4545 and how to implement the required Accelerated Learning and Accelerated Learning Committes (ALCs).

    House Bill 4545 web page (TEA) 

    Informational overview of its implementation.

    Link to the text of House Bill 4545 (Legiscan.com) 

    Link to the actual bill.

    Student Accelerated Learning Report 

    To access the A4E report:

    1. Open A4E at

    2. Click on Documents at the bottom of the window

    3. At the top of the workspace, under "Most Recently Added Documents", click on "Student Accelerated Learning Report 2021-22"

    Instructions on how to use the A4E report 

    PowerPoint with instructions on how to use the Student Accelerated Learning Report in A4E.

    HB 4545 SharePoint Site with Resources - Created by the HISD Interventions Office 

    In order to best support HISD. schools, the Interventions Office has created a SharePoint site to provide a reliable source of up-to-date information regarding HB 4545 implementation.

    TIDE Quick Reference Guide 

    Quick guide for getting started with Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE).  

    TIDE Access Request - CTC/FAC Designation Form 

    CTC/FAC designation form to be completed by the campus Principal. The CTC will be added to Cambium within 24 hours.


    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new state vendor Cambium Assessment, Inc. (CAI) and the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). Questions posed by Campus tetsing Coordinators (CTCs) and the Campus Assessment Team (CAT).

    TIDE User Role Permissions 

    User roles and permissions.

    TIDE Login for Staff 

    Direct link to TIDE (Test Information Distribution Engine). In TIDE, you will be able to add students, accommodations, and manage testing. From TIDE, you will be able to access other platforms, including the Test Delivery System (TDS) to create sessions and the Central Reporting System (CRS) to run reports.

    TIDE-TDS Login for Students 


    This site may be used to access practice and operational tests including the TEA BOY and TEA Interim. For STAAR and TELPAS, students need to use the TX Secure Browser (lockdown browser) that is pushed to all HISD managed devices.

    Students may log in to an operational test or click on the lower left of the screen to access practice tests. To log in to an operational test, students need 1) their first name, 2) 10-digit TSDS Student Unique Identifier, and 3) the Session ID. The first two pieces of information are found on the test ticket. The third piece of information is provided by the CTC. To access a practice test, credentials are NOT required. 

    Centralized Reporting System (CRS) User Guide
    for TEA BOY and STAAR Interim

    Instructions on how to run reports, including how to see students’ performance in different areas over time.

    New TEA Portal for Students and Families, Testing Personnnel, and Educators

    New TEA portal for Students and Families, Testing Personnel, and Educators. To access testing resources, click on "Testing Personnel".

    NOTE: After September 1, this site will be accessible via www.TexasAssessment.gov 

    Cambium Technology Pre-Check and Troubleshooting Guide 

    Guide for pre-checking devices, Wi-Fi, and headsets. It is recommended to conduct the pre-check at least one week prior to the first day of testing, to allow enough time to address any issues. The guide includes troubleshooting solutions.
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