Power to Save Texas
    The Public Utility Commission of Texas  is a state agency that regulates the state’s electric and telecommunication utilities, implements respective legislation, and offers customer assistance in resolving consumer complaints. Its mission is to “protect customers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure". They also sponsor programs to involve Texas students in the importance of energy and water conservation in our state. Burbank Middle School participated in its middle school program through its Robotics class. Our robotics students, especially those in Ms. Stewart's classes, submitted entries in the Poster and Video contests and the following entries won awards. Not only did they win a certificate of excellence, but they were also awarded a monetary prize via a credit card:
    Video Contest:
    1st Place ($100)- Anubis Treviño and Efrain López
    2nd Place ($75)- Diana and Javier Rodríguez
    3rd Place ($50)- Gary Smith
    Poster Contest:
    1st Place ($125)- Ernesto Rocha
    2nd Place ($75)- Reynaldo Martínez
    3rd Place ($50)- Cesar Arredondo
    As a result of our students' participation and winnings, Burbank Middle School also received a plaque and a monetary award in the form of a credit card for $750.
    We thank the Public Utility Commission of Texas for sponsoring this competition, allowing our students to learn about energy conservation in a very practical and motivating manner. We are looking forward to participate in next year's contest.