April 22, 2016
    The evening of April 2nd was very special for our Band and Choir students. Though it's true they participate in school activities such as Family Nights and whenever we have visitors, this night was truly their own. It was the evening of the Annual Spring Concert. Here they had the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they had developed during the year, be it playing the trumpet, piano, or singing in the choir. They were all primed, each of them ready to give their best performance.
     P. D. Knittle
    Principal Knittle was on hand to welcome our students, parents, and guests. He remarked on the benefits of music in our lives and especially when we have the opportunity to perform in a group. The benefits of working as a team and the sense of well-being that our students enjoy will serve them well in every aspect of their lives.
    Choir 2  
    Our students, parents, and guests enjoyed the performances of the Band, the Choir, and the Theater Ensemble as well as the individual solo performances. This will be an evening they will remember for a long time. Until next year!
    Photographs captured from Video