Literacy NIght October 2017


Burbank's 15th Annual Family Literacy Night 
Aaarg, matey! Principal Knittle welcomes you to our Literacy Night!  
Our 15th Annual Family Literacy Night began in earnest promptly at 5:30 pm on October 25, 2017. The English and Reading Departments had worked very hard in conjunction with all of our elective teachers to plan an evening that would entertain, educate, and amuse our parents and students.

Principal Knittle, dressed as Pirate William, welcomed the large audience that was already gathered in the cafeteria. Our Twirling Eaglettes made their way to the center of the cafeteria and delighted us with their routines. Next we had the awesome "Las Aguilas" Folkloric Exhibition Group perform with their usual elegance and precision. The performance part of the evening concluded with the award-winning champion KickStartKarate Demo Team. They impressed us as they jumped and kicked with maximum energy! 

Our outstanding Las Aguilas Folkloric Dancers performed several numbers that night.  
After the performances, our guest and author of Doll Bones, Ms. Holly Black, addressed the crowd. She expressed how amazed and delighted she was to see the energy and excitement about reading that she saw at Burbank Middle School. Her book was chosen for the 2017 "One Semester, One Book" initiative that was begun by our Reading Department Chair Ms. Sharon Fry seven years ago. Ms. Black sat at a table and happily signed copies of her book for all present throughout the evening. 
Ms. Gray, left, poses with one of her students and Ms. Black. 
Now it was time to enjoy the game booths and the snacks! There were numerous booths with activities in the cafeteria, plus the annual “Book Stand” organized by Ms. Gonzales in the four corners. Our clusters as well as our PTO set up snack tables along the C Hall to fundraise for student activities and field trips. Our students and visitors could also go to the “moon walk” set up in the gym and get their faces painted on the way there. In addition, and for the more adventurous, the Rock Climbing activity was set up in the parking lot. It had quite a large number of takers! 

It was quite a lot to take in and enjoy. We are confident that everyone found something exciting to do and delicious to eat. Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who worked so hard to make this such a success!    

Photographs by Vanessa Carranza