• Chinese Educators Visit Burbank's Dual Language Academy

    Visit 1
    Last February 2, 2012, over 35 Chinese educators visited Burbank Middle School for approximately four hours. Their trip was organized by the Chinese consulate and its main objective was to provide Chinese ESL teachers an opportunity to see our ESL and Dual Language Programs in action. The teachers were first led in to the Data Room to enjoy breakfast where our principal Mrs. Rosa E. Hernandez, and our ESL Program Chair Dr. Linda Velasquez spoke about the curriculum and instructional practices in the Dual Language Academy at Burbank. After the brief introduction, the group was divided into four smaller groups led by Ms. Hernandez, Dr. Velasquez, Mr. David Knittle, Assistant Principal for Dual Language, and Ms. Mildred Rosa, our Vanguard Coordinator. In addition, four of our Dual Language/ESL students were also on hand to answer questions and to accompany our guests as they visited our classrooms.
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    Our Chinese guests were able to talk to our Dual Language/ESL teachers as well as witness some of our instructional practices in action. After their visits to classrooms, everyone reconvened in the Data Room for debriefing. There everyone was able to share their observations and experiences. 

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     Around 1 pm everyone gathered in the front of our school. Our guests were going to visit another HISDmiddle school in the afternoon and it was time to say goodbye. We were sorry to see our new friends leave, but we hope that they left us feeling like Burbank was their home away from home. It's zai jian for now until we can say ni hao again!