Visiting HISD

  • Visitor Members of the greater-Houston community, as well as delegations from other cities, states, and countries, are welcome to visit schools in the Houston Independent School District. All such visits are coordinated through the HISD Information Center, which can be contacted by phone (713-556-6005) or e-mail ( Every visitor must sign in at the school office and observe campus procedures. Visits may be limited by the school principal and cannot disrupt school activities.
    Parents who are considering schools for their child(ren) should contact the principal(s) of the campus(es) in which they are interested in order to set up tours or appointments.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who wishes to work or interact directly with students—whether on a regular or an infrequent basis—must first complete an application through Volunteers in Public Schools. Please call 713-556-7206 for assistance.