Benefits Support is NOT located at Hattie Mae White ESC, 4400 West 18th St.
    Photo of MC Williams Annex building  
    The contact information for HISD Benefits Support (Retirement Storefront and Drug Free Workplace) office is as follows:
    M.C. Williams Annex Building 
    Benefits Support: Drug Free Workplace and Retirement Storefront
    6100 Knox St.
    Houston TX 77091-4143
    Drug Free Workplace
    Phone: 713-695-5862 
    Fax: 713-695-5723 
    Retirement Storefront 
    Phone: 713-695-5561
    Fax: 713-695-5723
    HISD Benefits Support administers the following:
    • Drug Free Workplace Program
    • HISD/TRS Retirement Counseling 
    • HISD 403(b) Retirement Plan
    • HISD 457(b) Retirement Plan
    • Supplemental Sick Leave Bank (SSLB)
    Driving Directions:
    For directions on how to navigate to M.C. Williams Middle School ,please see this map. Benefits Support is located on the M.C. Williams Middle School grounds in the Annex Building, which is a detached one-story brick building located on the north side of the school. When driving north on Knox St., M.C. Williams Middle School will be on the left-hand side. Please use the second gated driveway to enter the parking lot for the Annex Building. Benefits Support is located in the left half of the Annex Building. All visitors should enter under the blue awning marked "HISD Retirement Storefront."