My Retirement Manager

  • The Retirement Manager system is a single, convenient and secure web-based access point from which you may manage your HISD 403(b) and 457 Retirement Plan accounts. Employees may also use Retirement Manager for contribution change requests withheld from HISD salary and sent to the employee’s chosen investment provider. The Retirement Manager plan administration system also allows active and separated employees to generate an Eligibility Certificate 24-hours a day, for transactions indicated below.

    Beginning April 7, 2010, active and separated HISD employees must obtain an Eligibility Certificate for all loan, hardship withdrawal requests, or in-service exchange requests initiated under the HISD 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans. The Eligibility Certificates are generated only through Retirement Manager and replace the need for a Plan Administrator’s Signature on the transaction forms.

    Eligibility Certificates are available on Retirement Manager for these transactions:
    1. Loan
    2. In-Service Exchange (‘exchange’ means: to move assets between investment providers within the HISD plan)
    3. Separation from Service – if separated after January 1, 2000 - (used for transactions including: withdrawal, exchange, transfer, rollover, cash, annuitization, or other income option)
    4. Hardship Withdrawal (for 403(b) contracts only)
    5. Distribution Due to Unforeseeable Emergency (for 457 contracts only)
    Please note, an HISD Retirement Plan Administrator’s signature is required for these transactions:
    1. In-Service Withdrawal at Age 59 ½ or Over
    2. Separation from Service – if separated prior to January 1, 2000
    3. Asset Transfers Into the Plan (allowed only for provider contracts with a separate account)
    4. Asset Rollovers Into the Plan (allowed only for provider contracts with a separate account)
    5. In-Service Withdrawal at Age 70 ½ or Over (for 457 contracts only)
    For HISD Retirement Plan Administrator’s signature, please FAX completed forms to the HISD Retirement Storefront at: 713-695-5723.

Contact Information

  • Retirement Manager Support Line:
    The support line is available
    Monday – Friday,
    7:00am to 6:00pm CST
    (excluding holidays).

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