HISD Fine Arts Department

  • HISD Fine Arts views every student as an emerging artist. The Arts are vital to the development of the whole child. The importance of the Arts is clear: while stimulating imagination and self-expression, the Arts hold a significant role in the development of critical thinking, responsible decision making and cultural awareness. Students develop abilities and habits of mind that empower their learning across the curriculum. We strive to encourage the leader and artist in every child to help them grasp, comprehend and appreciate the importance of creativity in our global society.  HISD learners communicate ideas using all available tools; design, revise and reflect on their work to solve aesthetic problems, analyze and respond to others' creative efforts.  Rigorous Fine Arts instruction produces self-motivated, adaptable, productive, competent, lifelong learners, equipped for the challenges of the global workforce.

    The Fine Arts Curriculum is designed to provide teachers the freedom to deliver arts programming in a personalized manner, while ensuring all students throughout the district are experiencing the learning of similar information.  Our goal is to increase the emergent literacy skills of students by participating in an enhanced fine arts curriculum that is integrated and aligned with TEKS for reading, language arts, science and mathematics. Education of the whole student will build better citizens, communities and a better future for all. 

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