• Arts Experiences

    Arts Experiences: Encountering Fine Arts Performances and Exhibitions

    Arts experiences refer to the opportunities where students witness art in action or on display.  These experiences often stand alone in the form of an in-school performance or a field trip to a live performance or visual arts exhibition, but they also are necessary components of arts instruction and arts integrated lessons.  Regular exposure to a broad range of arts experiences stretches students’ minds and is critical to unlocking the depth of possibilities provided by the fine arts.  Arts experiences can include but are not limited to:

    • Events on or off campus
    • Events featuring student or professional artists
    • Live or documented experiences (Documented experience include photos and recordings)
    • Events in or out of school hours

    In addition to having access to performances and showcases by HISD students and teachers, the district is fortunate to be situated within Houston’s rich arts community, which provides first-hand, high-quality performing and visual arts experiences right here in the metropolitan area.  Bringing these artists and our students together on HISD campuses or in places like the Theater and Museum Districts provide countless learning opportunities and access to experiences that will broaden students’ understanding for the cultural tapestry of this region and beyond.

    Providing high-quality arts experiences for all students in each of the four fine arts disciplines is an important element of an arts-rich education because they can challenge and inspire students in wide variety of ways.  Encountering high-quality art can unlock new paths of creative thought, open doors to examine topics through a new lens, and inspire a student to achieve at a higher level of ability.

    A well-planned arts experience is an opportunity for both Foundation and Fine Arts Teachers to connect an event with the curriculum.  Because these events often require additional logistics and planning, it is essential that Campus Leaders provide support.  District Support ensures that every campus has the information necessary to plan these events efficiently in alignment with campus goals and student learning objectives.  (See Arts-Rich Ecosystem for more information.)

    A robust system to support access to Arts Experiences through their school community is particularly critical for students and their families that are at an economic disadvantage and may not otherwise have the means to pay for or travel to experience in these opportunities.  Art Experiences at school festivals and community events provide occasions to bring a school community together and increase neighborhood engagement.

    Click here for a more detailed look into the HISD Framework for Arts Experiences.