• The Music Department recognizes that music is universal and important for every child.  The Houston Independent School District’s Music Curriculum offers a comprehensive music framework that is tailored to meet the needs of each student; thereby, allowing them to be creative and experience the best that music has to offer, while giving the instructor the freedom to personalize the curriculum in a manner that is innovative and fresh for the learner.  As a result, students cultivate skills in critical thinking, coordination, engagement, cognitive development, emotional intelligence, personal discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork.  We believe that through meaningful musical experiences, students feed their intellectual curiosity and engage in a rigorous pursuit of knowledge to establish a clear understanding of collective intelligence while encouraging the arts in each student and nurturing future music professionals.  Students become critical and creative thinkers, collaborators, and communicators,  allowing them to develop into contributing members of their school, community and society.

Framework for Music Instruction

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Music Support