• Because of our sheer size and our legacy, it is incumbent upon Houston ISD to be Texas’ leader in theatre education.  Many HISD graduates who have studied theatre during their time as students in our schools have gone onto careers in not only arts areas, but medicine, engineering, biochemistry, law, business, and countless other fields.

    Operating as an arm of the Houston ISD’s Fine Arts Department, the Theatre Department exists to provide and innovative curriculum which is designed to be shaped for each unique campus and to support the theatre and drama teachers in Houston ISD.  This support includes planning professional development, representing Houston ISD at public performances, celebrating our theatre programs publicly, and observing and giving feedback to teachers.

    Much of the data on the benefits of taking theatre in school points to theatre students going onto the workforce as employees who have a higher ability to work in groups, to think “outside-the-box” in problem-solving, and to do very well in working with budgets and deadlines.  However, the theatre department in HISD strives to not only help create better workers but better human beings. 

Framework for Theatre Instruction

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Theatre Support

  • The HISD Fine Arts Department is here to to serve the HISD community.  You can contact Jared Berry, Theatre Specialist, for theatre support on your campus.

    Jared Berry
    Phone: 713-556-6727