• The HISD K-12 Fine Arts Dance Department is committed to establishing dance education equity and access for all HISD students instructed by professional educators with a high quality, sequential and comprehensive dance instruction; to promoting independent, global, creative thinkers, skilled dancers, who will feel confident in themselves, who are willing to take risks, work cooperatively, and be original, innovative problem solvers; to encouraging all students to learn through dance, to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way; to empowering students’ collaboration and leadership skills, sparking their imagination, igniting a love for learning, exploring, and creating.

    The HISD K-12 Fine Arts Dance Department is dedicated to providing professional development and curriculum support to all HISD Dance teachers as well as to creating platforms for students’ performances and artistic experiences. This support is tailored to the unique needs of every campus and their dance programs. Through HISD Dance Education and Dance Programs students are not only trained to dance, choreograph, and perform, but are also educated to become self-motivated, competent, life-long learners, equipped for the challenges of a contemporary global society.

Framework for Dance Instruction

Dance in Public Schools Roundtable

Through The Artists' Lens

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Dance Support

  • The HISD Fine Arts Department is here to serve the HISD community. For dance support on your campus, contact Sanja Korman, a dance specialist.

    Sanja Korman
    Phone: 713-556-6828