Arts Integration

Arts Integration

  • The Houston ISD Fine Arts Department is committed to supporting arts-rich campuses throughout the district, not only through high-quality fine arts instruction, but also across the curriculum—including language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Arts Integration is an approach to teaching that intentionally aligns learning in the arts with all other content areas.  This alignment creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment in support of the whole child. 

    The Fine Arts Department promotes integrating the arts into the foundation curriculum by supporting the creation and dissemination of arts-integrated lessons, fostering partnerships with outside non-profit arts organizations and teaching artists, providing professional development to teachers and campus leaders, and by creating a community of like-minded educators that wish to deepen their use of the arts within their daily routines. 

    Teachers and campus leaders that are interested in learning more should contact Craig Hauschildt, Arts Integration Specialist, at for more information.

Arts Integration Framework

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Arts Integration Support

  • The HISD Fine Arts Department is here to  serve the HISD community.  You can contact any fine arts specialist, for arts integration and STEM/STEAM support for all teachers on your campus.