Codwell Elementary

  • Codwell Elementary School's Tavenor Lane campus was closed in the summer of 2014 when renovation work being done as part of the 2007 Bond Program uncovered significant moisture problems that required students to relocate to a different facility. The initial goal was quick remediation, but further assessments showed the best and most cost effective solution would be a complete renovation.
    Scope of Work
    The school received a complete interior renovation, including a new entry with security vestibule to better control access to the building, new kitchen and, in the cafeteria, a new stage dedicated to the Fine Arts & Physical Development magnet program. The building also features a T.V. production Green Room so students have the space they need to produce their daily current events television program.  Additionally, the facility is now fully enclosed with all classrooms opening to internal hallways, and the campus now features a designated bus circle drive along Tavenor Lane.
    Project Status
    The project was completed and opened to students for the start of the 2017-2018 school year. 
    Trustee: Patricia Allen
    Location: 5225 Tavenor Lane

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