• Resolving disputes: How bonds can help

    Are bonds required by state law?

    Yes, they are required for all public works projects.

    What type of construction bonds does HISD require?

    A payment bond is required for any project $25,000 or greater. A performance bond is required for any project $100,000 or greater.

    How do I know if a contractor is bonded?

    Request for payment and/or performance bonds should be made to the Risk Management Department at 713-556-9225.

    Does HISD offer payment dispute assistance to contractors and subcontractors?

    Yes, contact the Business Assistance Department at 713-556-7273.
    How does the dispute assistance process work?
    • Contact the HISD Business Assistance Department to speak with a Supplier Diversity representative.
    • Provide HISD representative with all pertinent information, such as contract details and pay applications.
    • Meetings may be scheduled by the district so contractors can respond to disputes and remedy problems.
    • If disputes are not settled to the satisfaction of the parties, Business Assistance may refer the dispute to HISD Legal and/or the Office of the Inspector General for further course of action and/or recommendation.
    • A written record of all disputes will be placed in vendor(s) file with Procurement Services.

    Can I file a lien against HISD for unpaid labor and materials?

    No, HISD is a public entity and liens cannot be made against government agencies.  This is why HISD requires bonds.

    Can I make a claim against a contractor’s surety bond?

    Yes, contact HISD Risk Management Department at 713-556-9225 for a copy.

    Do you offer “How to do Business with HISD” workshops?

    Yes, we offer workshops on the first Wednesday of each month at the HISD CFS Operations - Grounds & Facilities Ctr. (Formerly Brock ES) located at 1417 Houston Avenue, Houston, TX 77007-6237 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  If the first Wednesday should fall on a scheduled holiday, the workshop will move to the next Wednesday that month. Contact our office for a list of scheduled times and dates for these events.  You may also call the Business Assistance Department at (713) 556-7273 for assistance by telephone or to schedule a meeting with a Supplier Diversity Specialist.