Staying informed

  • Who is my contact for what I need to know and do during the transition to a new building?
    The Project Manager remains the main point of contact for all issues. At the beginning of the project, the principal will be given a contact list for the project manager, planners, logistics coordinator, etc., who will be working with them throughout the project.
    How can school staff, parents and students stay on top of the construction progress at their school?
    Each bond campus has established a Project Advisory Team for their campus. These teams include the principal, staff, parents, community members and sometimes students. The groups work directly with the district's project managers to give input and track progress. Once design starts on a project, the Project Advisory Team meets regularly for the duration of the project. 
    May a Project Advisory Team change the building during design to meet unique features of an educational program?
    Project budgets have been established based on Educational Specification and Design Standards developed by HISD. These standards have been created to provide maximum flexibility for a wide variety of current and future educational program delivery alternatives. During the planning and design process, facilities planning and design experts will work with the site-based Project Advisory Teams to determine how the design can best suit their needs.