Planning & Design Standards

    The purpose of this document is to provide the Houston Independent School District (HISD/Owner) as well as the Design Professional with a cohesive set of standards and guidelines for creating exemplary 21st century learning environments and building systems for new and renovated facilities. These Guidelines have been developed to assist the Architect-Engineer in the planning and design of functional, cost effective and durable educational facilities that are attractive and enhance the educational experience. The Guidelines are the minimum performance base requirements of products, systems, and materials.

    The design services of the Architect-Engineer are viewed as financial investments made by the HISD to maximize the value of their resources. Because the HISD is a public institution, the resources spent on a school property must be responsibly accounted for during pre-design, design, construction, commissioning, and over the life of the facility. This Guideline will facilitate and guide the work of the Architect-Engineer towards the goal of maximizing the perceived and real value of a school facility by enhancing the educational environment of the students, and realizing the value of the facility as a capital asset.

    Design Guidelines March 2017