Logistics, contracts and oversight

  • Who is responsible for moving a program from its existing location to its new location? What if the program is moving into swing space?
    The HISD Logistics Coordinator will work with the principal and staff to accomplish smooth transitions from permanent space into temporary space and back into the completed building when construction is finished.
    How are architects selected?
    HISD follows a selection process prescribed by state law. The first step in this process is to select architects based on qualifications including demonstrated competence and experience on similar projects. The second step in the process is to negotiate a fair and reasonable fee for those services.
    How are contractors selected?
    HISD follows a bidding process prescribed by state law. The selection process for contractors is competitive and allows the district to select contractors on the basis of best value to the district.
    Where will students practice for athletic events?
    In some cases, new buildings may be built on a school's existing athletic fields. In those cases, the district will seek to use properties in close proximity, such as nearby schools, for team practices.
    Are the bus routes going to change?
    Administrators will work with the Project Advisory Teams to ensure that eligible students continue to receive transportation, even if the school uses a nearby facility during construction.
    What safeguards does HISD have in place to ensure that the bond program is run efficiently and ethically?
    Oversight of the HISD bond program is multi-layered to ensure many checks and balances. In addition, HISD has taken many steps to ensure the public is fully informed regarding the status of all projects. These include a Bond Oversight Committee, bond program website, Project Advisory Teams, and a Construction Audit Group.