Cameras in the Classroom - Incident Review Access Process

Framework (What’s Required):

Persons Responsible:


Methods (What We Do):

  • The Special Education Video/Audio Monitoring Incident Report form is completed when an incident has been reported and a request has been made.  The form is submitted to the campus principal reporting an incident and/or requesting to view the video.  (Note: An incident can be reported by anyone.) 

    The steps for the process are outlined below:

    1. Parent/legal guardian fill out the request form.

    2. Campus principal approves or denies the request for viewing the video within 3 days, depending on the description of the incident.

    3. Campus principal will notify the requestor of date, time, and location of video viewing, if applicable.
        A school district shall release a recording for viewing by:

    • A school district employee or a parent or guardian of a student who is involved in an incident documented by the recording for which a complaint has been reported to the district, on request of an employee, parent, or guardian, respectively;
    • Appropriate Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) personnel as part of an investigation of alleged or suspected abuse or neglect of a child under Family Code 261.406;
    • A peace officer, a school nurse, a district administrator trained in de-escalation and restraint techniques as provided by commissioner’s rule, or a human resources staff member designated by the board in response to a complaint or an investigation of district personnel or a complaint of abuse committed by a student; or
    • Appropriate agency or State Board for Educator Certification personnel or agents as part of an investigation.

    4. Each viewing by requestor will include one or more of the following HISD staff:

    • Campus principal / Campus principal designee
    • District administrator trained in de-escalation and restraint techniques
    • A school nurse

     5. Campus principal will communicate within 20 schools days of viewing to appropriate officials and parent/guardian the outcome of the investigation and, if applicable, the plan of resolution.