Summary of Performance

Framework (What’s Required):

Persons Responsible:


Methods (What We Do):

  • summary of performance generally refers to a summary of the child's academic achievement and functional performance, which will include recommendations on how to assist the child with a disability in meeting the child's postsecondary goal

    A summary of performance is required for the child whose eligibility terminates due to:

    • GRADUATION with a regular high school diploma; or
    • Exceeding the age eligibility for a free appropriate public education.


    The summary of performance must consider, as appropriate:

    • The views of the parent;
    • The views of the child; and
    • Written recommendations from adult service agencies on how to assist the child in meeting postsecondary goals.


    An evaluation must be included as part of the summary of performance for children graduating based on: 

    • Completion of the credit requirements for graduation under the Foundation High School Program or the Minimum High School Program through courses, one or more of which contain modified curriculum; 
    • Satisfactory performance on required state assessments, unless the admission, review, and dismissal committee has determined that satisfactory performance on the assessments is not necessary for graduation; and
    • Completion of the individualized education program as well as compliance with the GRADUATION framework.