Auditory Processing Deficits Screening

Framework (What’s Required):

  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is not a disability condition recognized by IDEA. APD could fall under the umbrella of Speech Impairment, Learning Disability, or Other Health Impairment or be used to determine eligibility for Section 504 accommodations.

Persons Responsible:

  • Campus ARD/IEP team, Audiology Department


Methods (What We Do):

  • A screener for auditory processing deficits can be conducted by the district's Audiology Department.

    When requesting the screening for auditory processing deficits, please follow these steps:

    The student must meet these criteria:

    1. Be at least 8 years old.
    2. Have normal hearing (having passed a hearing screening within the year).
    3. Have English as his/her primary language.
    4. Have an IQ of 85 or higher.
    5. The student may not have a diagnosis of autism.
    6. Have a recent speech and language assessment (within the year)
    7. Have intelligible speech
    8. Be able to follow directions and complete the screener.
    9. Have a Children's Auditory Processing Performance Scale (CHAPPS) observation checklist filled out by each teacher and the parent
    10. This checklist may be obtained from the Audiology Department for HISD (713-556-7890).

    Submit the screening request with the following documents to the Audiology Department at T. H. Rogers, Route 12:

    1. Include a copy of the latest ARD/IEP meeting and state clearly and in detail why the student is being referred for an auditory processing deficits screener.
    2. Include the Full Individual Evaluation and classroom observation. The classroom observation (Children’s Auditory Processing Performance Scale - CHAPPS) should be completed by each of the student’s teachers.
    3. List the services under IDEA for which the child qualifies. Note if the student has the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.
    4. Indicate whether or not the student is taking medication for ADD/ADHD.

    What to tell the parent:

    1. Screening for auditory processing deficits will not be considered unless the student meets the requirements as listed.
    2. A student who is on medication for ADD/ADHD must have taken his/her medication before the screening. Otherwise, the student will be rescheduled.
    3. All screenings will be conducted in the morning when the student is most alert and fresh.
    4. Sometimes, two appointments may be necessary in order to complete the entire screening instrument.