Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Framework (What’s Required):

  • CFR§300.320(a)(3)(ii), require a description of how a student's progress toward meeting the annual goals will be measured and when periodic reports on the progress the student is making toward meeting the annual goals (such as through the use of quarterly or other intermittent reports, concurrent with the issuance of report cards) will be provided.

Persons Responsible:

  • Special Education Staff and/or General Education Staff


  • The ARD/IEP committee determines when progress will be measured.

Methods (What We Do):

  • During the ARD/IEP committee meeting in which IEP goals are developed, progress monitoring methods and data sources must be discussed and identified. The IEP of a student must also specify how a student’s progress toward each annual goal will be measured and include: (a) who will monitor progress, (b) what will be monitored, (c) when will progress be monitored, (d) where will the monitoring take place, and (e) how will progress data be reported.

    The EasyIEP™ special education data management system (EasyIEP™) is the resource used in the Houston ISD for monitoring and reporting progress toward meeting annual IEP goals. E-mail alerts are sent to EasyIEP™ users seven days before each reporting period as reminders to update and report progress.
    Progress is monitored by tracking goal implementation according to the frequency identified when the goal was developed. As data is collected, EasyIEP™ is used to create progress, target, and trend graphs.
    Progress is reported according to each student’s campus report card schedule (i.e., every six weeks for typical secondary schools or nine weeks for typical elementary schools).

    The progress report is an IEP goal mastery level summary generated in EasyIEP™ and should include progress monitoring graphs. Progress reports must be updated every grading cycle (unless the ARD/IEP committee indicates a different timeframe) and sent home to the parent of the student along with the student’s report card.