Suspect Emotional Disturbance or Autism?

Framework (What’s Required):

    • No summer testing for Emotional Disturbance and Autism
    • All referrals accepted via IAT process only
    • The assessment process will follow the 45 school days from date of signed consent process.
    • Student information will be contained within red folder that will have all documents needed for an initial referral as notated by Initial referral checklist for ED/AU
    • Campus LSSP will deliver Red Folders to SFO on June 4, 2018 between 8am and 12pm
    • Incomplete folders will not be accepted
    • The folder will be verified by Lead LSSPs using Initial referral checklist for ED/AU
    • Red Folders will be housed in room 106 at SFO and organized by Lead LSSPs
    • Red Folders will be distributed by Senior Manager the week of August 13, 2018

    Please contact Maria or Joseph for all you summer testing needs

    *****All referrals (assessment and ARD) accepted prior to May 1, 2018 must be completed by your last contract day.  No reports will be left open*****

Persons Responsible:


Methods (What We Do):