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     The Story of  a Job Well Done!
    On Saturday April 16, 2016 the Burbank Karate Team traveled to Dallas Texas for the 2016 KSK Karate State ChampionshipTeam Burbank was represented by twenty four (24) students that have trained during the entire school year and who have attended many tournaments of the KSK Tournament Season. Their goal: to capture a State Championship.
    On our way to the tournament, we suffered not one but two flat tires of the traveling buses! When we did arrive, we observed that the competition was fierce. However, in spite of it all, Team Burbank was determined and came home victorious.
    Team Burbank came home with Ten State Champions, One Over All Grand Champion and teammates of the Houston Demo Team that won the Demo Team State Championship. This Team is the Two-Time State Champions, winning in 2015 and 2016.
    Team Burbank is made up of the following competitors. Each member came home with at least an Honorable Mention and many came home with multiple awards. 
    Destiny Torres – 1st in Kata – Honorable Mention Sparring – State Champion
    • Jonathan Manzanares – 3rd Weapon – Honorable Mention Kata
    • Martha Ublado – 2nd in Sparring
    • Lesuy Mejia-Huerta – 1st Weapon – 2nd in Kata – State Champion
    Jada Johnson – 3rd Weapon Honorable Mention Sparring
    Gabriela DeLeon2nd Weapon Honorable Mention Kata
    • Agustin Ramirez – 1st Weapon – 2nd Kata – Honorable Mention Sparring – State Champion
    Jalen Johnson 1st WeaponHonorable Mention KataState Champion
    Karina Cea – Honorable Mention Sparring
    • Irene Ponce – 3rd Team Kata – Honorable Mention Kata
    • Diana Rodriguez – 3rd Team Kata – Honorable Mention Kata
    • Sebastian Lopez – 3rd Kata – Honorable Mention Weapon – Honorable Mention Sparring
    • Karen Manzano – 3rd Team Kata – Honorable Mention Weapon
    • Arnold Vasquez – 2nd Kata
    • Keana Bell – 1st Kata – State Champion
    • Jonathan Rosales – 3rd Team Kata – Honorable Mention Kata
    Aldo Mejia – 3rd Team Kata
    • Rene Coronado – Honorable Mention Kata
    Ernesto Rocha – 1st Kata – 3rd Team Kata – State Champion – Grand Champion
    • Kennedy Jones – 1st Team Kata – Honorable Mention Kata – State Champion
    • Yolanda Pineda – 1st Team Kata – State Champion
    • Madelyn Cruz – 1st Team Kata – State Champion
    • Jennifer Gonzalez – 2nd Kata
    Savana SantiagoHonorable Mention Kata
    I am truly blessed and honored to be their coach, mentor and Instructor. I can’t thank KickStartKids enough for assigning me to Burbank Middle School. This year we have had many, many life lessons, experiences, rough spots, and of course a tremendous amount of success for Burbank, the TEAM, their instructor, and most importantly, for themselves. This team is made up of such motivated individuals that they have already started their research and training in order to be prepared for another successful run in 2016-2017 school year!
    Very Blessed and Honored,
    Mr. White  
    Enjoy some pictures from the tournament!
    Photos courtesy of KickStartKids