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    On March 25, 2023, nineteen karate students from Burbank Middle School traveled to Manvel Jr High to compete in the KickStart Kids Regional Karate Championship. It was a very tough competition with over 300 participants. I know that they learned a lot by participating in such a large event, gaining valuable experience for their future tournaments. We had six students qualify for the State Championship which will take place also in Manvel, Texas, on April 29, 2023.


    These are the results:

    Isaac Lopez- 1st place in Forms, Green Belt division

    Valeria Gutierrez- 2nd place in Forms, Gold Belt division

    Giovanni Martinez- 3rd place in Forms, Orange Belt division


         Isaac Lopez     Valeria Gutierrez  

                        Isaac Lopez                                            Valeria Gutierrez

    High School

    Gabrielle Salgado- 2nd place in Forms, Red Belt division

    Reina Rodriguez- 1st place in Sparring and 2nd place in Weapons, Red Belt division

    Jose Gonzales- 1st place in Sparring, Blue Belt division


    I am very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to an excellent State Championship.


    Thank you,

    Master Mark Beel

    KickStart Kids

    Burbank Middle School