• KickStartKids
    Martial Mania!
    December 2015 
     Beginner Team, First Place in the Beginner Division

    On Saturday December 12, 2015 Burbank Middle School hosted the KICKSTART KIDS Martial Arts Mania Demo Team Tournament. According to the KickStartKids website, the Martial Arts Mania Tournament is a yearly competition between the Demo Teams from all KickStartKids schools in Southeast Texas. Students demonstrate their martial arts skills choreographed to music.  The top prize awarded earns the chance to perform for Grand Master Chuck Norris.

    Burbank entered two (2) teams, a Beginner Team and for the first time, an Advanced Team. They performed amazingly! I was truly blow away by both teams. They put their hearts and souls out on stage and for six (6) minutes made the memories of a lifetime. 
    The level of competition was extremely high and challenging this year. There are twenty-five (25) schools in the Southeast Area where we belong, so everything was going to have to be just right in order to be in the top three (3) teams. When all the smoke cleared, Burbank's Beginner Team won 1st Place and took home the championship trophy and banner. The Burbank Advanced Team, who was competing in the Advanced Division for the first time ever, tied for 1st place! They were awarded 2nd Place due to a tie breaker.
     Adanced Team
    Advanced Team, Second Place in the Advanced Division

    I am so proud and honored to be a part of a great program in a great school with such amazing students!


    Mr. White

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