• Demo Team 2013
    March 29, 2014 
    Our KickStartKids Karate students participated in the KSK City Championship Tournament in their quest to participate in the grand state-wide championship which will be held on April 19th in Bryan, TX. 
    March 8, 2014
    The National Karate Tournament held at Stafford Middle School provided an excellent opportunity for our students to shine. 
    February 28, 2014
    Last February, our KickStartKids team participated in full force in the tournament that was held at Stafford Middle School in Stafford, Texas. We had over 75 students participating and we are proud to report that all of them acquitted themselves with strength and honor. Many, many of our students medaled were awarded trophies. Here are the names and awards earned:

    Yaresi Perez – 1st Forms – 1st Sparring

    Ariana Estrada – 2nd Forms – 2nd Sparring

    Estephania Torres – 2nd Forms

    Valerie Torres – 1st Sparring

    Cecilia Monreal – 2nd Forms – Team Forms – 3rd Weapon Form

    Jonathan Manzanares – 2nd Forms

    Jose Vasquez – Honorable Mention

    Taylor Guerrero – Honorable Mention

    Israel Torres – Honorable Mention

    Jesse Martinez – 1st Forms – 1st Team Forms

    Destiny Torres – 3rd Forms – 3rd Team Forms

    Mark’Quisha Jones – 3rd Team Forms

    Jocelyn Gonzales – 3rd Team Forms

    Jayvion Harold – 2nd Forms – 2nd Sparring – 2nd Team Forms

    Justin Perez – 1st Team Forms – 3rd Forms

    Christopher Turcios – 2nd Forms – 2nd Team Forms

    Agustin Ramirez – 1st Forms – 1st Sparring – 2nd Team Forms

    Arthur Sena – 2nd Forms – 2nd Team Forms

    Nathan Monita – 3rd Forms – 3rd Team Forms

    Marrisa Hinojosa – 3rd Sparring

    Caesar Gonzalez – 2nd Team – 2nd Forms

    Gabriela DeLeon – 3rd Team

    Kevin Banegas – 3rd Forms

    Lesuy Mejia-Huerta – 1st Forms – 1st Team Forms – 3rd Sparring

    Joshua Perez – 3rd Forms – 1st Team Forms

    Julissa Lugo – 3rd Team Forms

    Gissell Reyes – 3rd Forms

    Savanna Santiago – 1st Forms – 3rd Team Forms

    Noe Torres – 3rd Forms

    Nathan Maldonado – Team Forms

    Adolfo Gasca – Forms – Team Forms

    Karina Cea – Forms

    Anna Hernandez – 1st Forms – 1st Team Forms

    Haily Guerra – 3rd Forms

    Karen Manzano –

    Kevin Nunez – 1st Team Forms

    Francis Arrendondo – 3rd Forms

    Hugo Gonzalez – 2nd Forms – 1st Team

    Jalen Johnson – 1st Forms – 1st Team Forms

    Samantha Martinez – 3rd Forms

    Luis Martinez – Forms – Team Forms

    Diana Rodriguez – 1st Forms – Team Forms

    Daniella Martinez – Honorable Mention

    Isaiah Bazan – Honorable Mention

    Robert Oliveras – Honorable Mention

    Sebastian Lopez – Forms – Team Forms

    Jose Sauceda – Honorable Mention

    Arnold Vasquez – Honorable Mention

    Cristofer Serrano

    Alexsa Miranda – Honorable Mention

    Stefany Marroquin – Honorable Mention

    Alexa Gracia – Honorable Mention

    Yamilet Olvera – Honorable Mention

    Noah Trejo – Honorable Mention

    Virginia Vasquez – 3rd Forms

    Tabiah Brown – Honorable Mention

    Rony Ventura – Honorable Mention

    Jorge Mosqueda – Honorable Mention

    Irene Ponce – Honorable Mention

    Aaron Bourgeois – 3rd Forms

    Yoselin Rodriguez – Honorable Mention

    Francisco Hernandez –

    Erik Castro – Honorable Mention

    Juan Garza –

    Destiny Blackmon – Honorable Mention

    Alberto Garza –

    Jose Llamas – Honorable Mention

    Joesph Palamo – Honorable Mention

    Jose Marquez – Honorable Mention

    We are looking forward to the next tournament which will be held on March 29, 2014 again at Stafford Middle School.
    Thank you!
    Mr. White
    November, 2013

    On Saturday November 2, 2013 Burbank’s Karate team attended the KSK Fall qualifier karate

    tournament. Burbank had (42) students competing in multiple events. Every student worked very hard 

    in their training and were prepared for all their events. Burbank had (22) students win medals with

    most of them winning multiple medals in their events. This event was the 1st of two events to qualify for
    the KSK 2014 Houston City Championships. That means that twenty two (22) Burbank students are now
    qualified for that event. The Winter 2nd Qualifier will be in February! With (100) 6th graders becoming
    gold belt which makes them eligible to compete, I am planning for (20) hopefully (40) gold belts to

    attend that event.

    This was Burbank's team at the event:
    Black Belt    
    Yaresi Perez 
    Red/Black Belt
    Ariana Estrada                                
    Estephania Torres  
    Blue Belt  
    Valerie Torres                                 
    Cecilia Monreal  
    Jose Vasquez
    Jonathan Manzanares
    John Alvarez
    Jesse Martinez
    Jocelyn Gonzales
    Destiny Torres
    Nicholas Treviño
    Israel Torres
    MarkQuisha Jones
    Obed Plasencia
    Purple Belt                             
    Jayvion Harold
    Justin Perez
    Christopher Turcios
    Agustin Ramirez
    Martha Ubaldo
    Arthur Sena
    Francisco Hernandez
    Destiny Ramos
    Nathan Monita
    Marissa Hinojosa
    Angel Dunsworth
    Guadalupe Sanchez
    Caesar Gonzalez
    Gabriela DeLeon
    Kevin Banegas
    Oralia Garza-Mejia
    Lesuy Huerta
    Joshua Perez
    Jada Johnson
    Julissa Lugo
    Gissell Reyes
    Estephanie Diego
    Savana Santiago
    Noe Torres
    Nathan Maldonado
    Adolfo Gasca

    As their instructor, I couldn’t be more proud of each and every students that competed. They made me very proud!



    Mr. White 


    October, 2013

    Long week!

    We continue to train, train and train. We are preparing for several events! We have our 2nd black stripe, blue stripe and purple stripe coming up soon. We are training for the KSK tournament. Burbank will be taking (45) students, this is the most I have taken from Burbank to (1) event since I started. I can only imagine how many will sign up in the 2nd semester when all my white belts become gold belts. I'm so looking forward to it! Finally we are preparing for the KSK Houston MAM. Continuing to work with (60) plus students. Although it is stressing and exhausting, I enjoy working with each one of these amazing students.

    We have also started our 2nd fundraiser. We are doing the same candle sale as last year. This is a great fundraiser. Several KSK schools do this and it is a highly successful fundraiser. Last year we raised a total of $4,000 and we profited $2,000. We get 50% of the profits. Last year I only allowed my demo teams to participate, but this year I'm opening it up to all students that would like to help out with the fundraiser.

    Since becoming the KSK Houston Tournament Director, I have been signing upstudents for tournament helpers. This is my 2nd tour as the tournament director. I'm looking to try some new things this time around. My goal is to come with a complete tournament team of helpers to do as many tournament items as possible to help the KSK instructors focus on running a safe, competitive and efficient ring. I have a few other ideas that I'm thinking about doing as well. Really looking forward to this event!

    Houston All Star Demo Team -
    We continue to train! Everyone from parents, students and coaches have really worked well together in building a fun, safe, friendly and creative team.Everyone works hard, attends practices and helps each other out when and where it is needed. Great Team!
    Mr. White