• Karate Belt Ceremony
    Fall 2016 
     Karate 2
    Our KickStartKids Karate Belt Ceremony for the fall was held in Burbank's auditorium on December 8, 2016. As is customary for our excellent Karate students, they were all present and ready to show their teachers and parents the new skills that they had acquired during the semester. Their had work had paid off and they were going to reap the rewards of a job well done.
    As they filed into the auditorium by belt color, their parents were cheering them on, taking pictures and making them feel very proud of their achievements. Our principal, Mr. Knittle welcomed everyone to the ceremony, after which Mr. White introduced our guests from the KickStartKids Program who accompanied us that night. This was followed by a brief explanation of the procedure by which our students earn their belts. Color by color, each karate instructor led his students through the commands, each color changing in complexity and difficulty of paces. Our students performed magnificently! We were also treated to a short demo from the higher-level belts who are part of Burbank's Demo Team which competes in Las Vegas each year.
    Karate 3  
    After the demo, all 240 karate students walked up on stage to collect their belts, each of them feeling a bit closer to their ultimate goal: The Black Belt! Many congratulations to our karate students!