• KickStartKids
    Spring Qualifier 2017
    On February 18, 2017 the Burbank Karate Team traveled to Stafford High School for the KickStartKids 2nd Annual Qualifier. Burbank's Team was made up of fifty students, 6th, 7th and 8th graders who had trained and worked very hard for months. They came ready to perform and they did a great job.
    It is very difficult to qualify, since you have to place in the top three positions. There were over twenty schools representing Southeast Texas at the competition and our students had to place in the top three places in order to qualify. Although not all of our students qualified, a great many did qualify and will move on to the 2017 Regional Championship.
    Team Burbank won forty-eight (48) first, second and third place medals and one (1) Over All Black Belt Forms Grand Champion. The medal count is as follows:
    Third (3) Place- 13
    Second (2) - 12
    First (1)- 23 
    We also have a group of students who are former eagles and who come to Burbank on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to train and compete with us. These students had an outstanding performance at the qualifier with the following results:
    Destiny Torres: 1st Sparring, 2nd Forms, 2nd Weapons Form
    Lesuy Mejia-Huerta: 1st Forms, 1st Weapons Form
    Anthony Foreman: 1st Open Form, 2nd  Traditional Form, 3rd Weapons Form, 3rd Sparring
    Jonathan Manzanares: 1st Traditional Forms, 3rd Open Forms, 2nd Weapons Forms 
    Jay Silizar: 1st Open Forms, 3rd Traditional Forms, 1st Weapons Forms, 2nd Sparring, Grand Champion Forms
    Now that both the Fall and Spring Qualifiers are complete, Team Burbank will have fifty (50) students competing in the KSK Regional Championship. They will continue to work hard in the hope of finishing in the top three places and qualify for the KickStartKids State Championship. I am looking forward to helping each one of them achieve their goals.
    Mr. White