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    2023 Spring Qualifier 

    Spring Qualifier participants


    On Saturday, February 18, 2023, we had 40 students compete in the KickStart Kids Spring Qualifier which was held at Manvel Jr High School in Manvel, Texas. Nearly 600 students competed in the event, hoping to earn a spot in the Regional Championship which will be held in April. Please help me congratulate these students:

    Giovanni Martinez: 2nd place in sparring and 3rd place in forms
    Isaac Lopez: 1st place in forms
    David Gonzales: 1st place forms
    Adrianna Flores: 1st place in sparring
    Mia Nicole Lara: 3rd place in forms
    Tamia Wilson: 3rd place forms
    Elsy Lopez: 3rd place forms & 3rd place in sparring
    Burbank Alumni (High school)
    Reina Rodriguez: 1st place sparring & 3rd place in weapons
    Gabrielle Salgado: 1st place in forms
    Brayan Reyes: 3rd place in sparring
    Fabian Perez: 3rd place in forms
    This was a very tough competition, with an incredibly high number of students competing. I am extremely proud of how well all our students performed!
    Thank you,
    Master Beel
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