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    Karate students demonstrating

    On the evening of December 13, 2022, Burbank Middle School's KickStart Kids Karate students got together in the school's gym to have their Winter Belt Ceremony. Karate is a discipline where your knowledge and proficiency is indicated by the color of your belt. Every karate student begins with a white belt and makes his or her progress through the following colors: white, yellow, purple, orange, blue, green, red, and finally black. Once the student attains Black Belt status, he or she is considered a teacher and is given the title of "sensei" when he or she has achieved a 4th degree Black Belt or higher. As you can see, learning doesn't stop with achieving a Black Belt. Students will continue working on their skills, attaining degrees within the Black Belt during a lifetime of dedication to learning.

    Karate students working with the fans

    Our Karate students worked very hard during the semester, learning the stances and the kicks as well as mastering their balance and the use of the various weapons. They had to pass rigorous tests regarding all those kicks and stances in order to earn their belts. It is a very proud moment when their sensei calls their name and they advance to receive their new color belt, all according to their level of proficiency and skill.

    Karate students performing a stance


    There are two annual Belt Ceremonies, and this year's winter belt distribution took place in the school's gym in two sessions, for beginners and for advanced. The ceremony had to be divided for safety reasons because we have over 180 karate students in our program. Having two sessions allowed the students to sit in comfort and have space to demonstrate what they had learned to their parents, teachers, and visitors.

    We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all our students on their achievements as they continue to make progress in their study of this ancient art.


    *Photos courtesy of Ms. Vasquez.